Commercial and Private Services:

Swimming Pools

We have 20 years experience in this industry, doing various types of pools for various types of clients. From large modern designs in top tourist resorts to small and natural looking splash pools to accompany accommodation units. We also do private pools and some of our work can be seen in the most well known residential estates in the country. Our swimming pool construction service is all inclusive; from the design to the lighting and filtration system.

Koi Ponds, Lakes & Streams

We specialize in creating these features to look as natural as they come. We will also ensure that the oxygen supply and filtration systems are sufficient to keep your fish healthy and thriving.

Stoneface Wall Cladding

Very popular for commercial use because of it's endless benefits. Extremely durable, waterproof, adds value and aesthetic appeal as well as sound proofing abilities and zero maintenance. We have done various types of artificial cladding at South Africas most popular Zoos, Casinos and Tourist Resorts.

Rockart Paving

Can be seen at most of the above commercial sites, as Stoneface Cladding and Paving go so well together. Also great for around the swimming pool and courtyard. No tiles used hence the incredible durability and low maintenance.

Waterfalls & Water Features

We have done small garden center pieces, large natural looking waterfalls and various entrance features for shopping centers.

Solar Heating

Installation and maintenance of solar heating systems for any size swimming pool or jacuzzi.


We are able to do decking with Everlast PVC composite and other brands of hardwood.