Solar Powered pool pumps

Solar energy has become the choice of many with increasing electricity rates and the inevitable increase of load shedding. To cater to the demand we now install solar panels that can power your swimming pool pump. Weather you are looking to save costs, or your pool is far from an electricity supply point – this is a practical and environmentally friendly option.

Ideal for resorts

Solar powered pool pumps are ideal for resorts where the pool may be located far away from an electric supply point and sunlight is readily available. As seen in the below picture this rock pool has a pump powered by solar, saving the owner thousands a year on his electricity bill and prevent damage to the pool with  extensive load shedding .

Solar pool pump

Functional cost savings

We understand that you want your pool to be as low maintenance as possible – with electricity supply not being stable, a green pool is a common occurrence and a headache for any pool owner. Consider solar to prevent this problem.

Save your pool with solar

No stagnant pool water when you don’t have electricity, environmentally friendly and a long term cost saving.

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